Soapy Tails - All Coat Types ~ Dog Conditioner Bar

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Soapy Tails - All Coat Types ~ Dog Conditioner Bar
Smoothing and Nurturing Tangerine & Honey Dog Conditioner Bar imparts natural weight and shine while conditioning even the coarsest coasts. This concentrated conditioner is packed with nourishing ingredients for radiant and moisturized coats. Avocado & Rice Bran oils combine with extracts of Daikon & Horsetail to restore hair to its optimum radiance.
All-natural solid conditioning bars provide a simple and easy way to protect coats and restore luster. Great for daily use on all coat types. This Solid Dog Conditioner is made with ultra-mild ingredients, natural plant derived conditioning agents, nourishing plant oils and decadent butters, to condition without residue.
These solid Conditioner Bars allow the hair cuticle to lay flat, making hair smooth and lustrous with the ability to hold a style. Hair can then be easily brushed with less resistance, tangling and static electricity.
🐾 100% Biodegradable
🐾 Detergent Free
🐾 Parabens & Synthetics Free
🐾 Phosphate & Phthalate Free
🐾 Sodium Laureth/Lauryl Sulfate Free
🐾 Each shampoo bar is 4.75oz.

🐾 Directions 🐾 

After washing Canine coat and while it is still damp, apply the conditioner bar with quick repeated swipes along its length massaging through. Rinse well for a light condition or leave for a few minutes for a deeper conditioning. Let bar dry between uses.

At Soapy Tails™ we handcraft our canine bar soaps in small batches so they are mild and ultra-cleansing. Most dog shampoos can contain harsh ingredients that strip natural oils and dry out the skin leaving coats dull and lifeless. Our bars hydrate naturally while gently cleansing active coats. A true soap, our bars are free of SLS, parabens and petroleum based synthetic ingredients. These bars last multiple washings and clean exactly as needed. Indulge your pets with a clean, radiant and healthy coat.

Soapy Tails is specifically formulated  for our canine friends. Our formulations are safe and gentle to both your dog and the planet because we know that each dog is unique and special. Our natural bar soap has been created to address the needs of your loyal companion. Handmade in small batches, our bars nourish your dog's skin and coat on a daily basis. We choose to use only pure essential oils and natural botanicals to cleans and pamper your pet.

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